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evaluating portfolio

Evaluating your equity mutual funds and direct equity portfolio

  The last few years have been good for equity investments. Whether you had a direct equity portfolio or equity mutual funds, it is likely that they gave you good returns these past five years. But the stock market is unpredictable and there is no guarantee that this performance will continue in the future. So […]

piggy bank smart financial decisions

Five smart financial moves you can make in 2018

  2017 was undoubtedly the year of the Indian equity market. BSE Sensex scaled 28% and Nifty fared even better. Small investors who invested in mutual funds in 2017 benefited amply through robust returns. Having said that, this year was a tumultuous affair for overall investment. Other asset classes remained stagnant. The real estate market […]

lettering of SME

Will the SME IPO boom continue in 2018?

  2017 has been a stellar year for IPOs in India. ₹1, 61,116 crores was raised through the public equity market, a figure which is the highest amount that has ever been raised in India (in a calendar year). Included in this figure are 133 SME IPOs, and most of the IPOs from this year […]

equity linked saving scheme

Why start your ELSS scheme in 2018?

  It’s the last week of the year- a time when everyone is celebrating. March, which signals the end of the financial year, is just two months away. Can there be a more opportune time to start your tax savings? Do you believe it is possible to save taxes and invest at the same time? […]


What is an Index?

  Before we talk about what an index is in relation to the stock market, let’s first get a general idea about indexes. In simple terms, an index is a tool which measures change. For instance, Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures inflation; the Human Development Index measures the development of the country. Therefore, just like […]

Indians continue to invest in Bitcoins even as RBI issues third warning

    Last Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of India issued another warning against Bitcoins, urging Indians to pay heed to the “economic, financial, operational, legal, customer protection and security related risks.”  The current demand for the currency is so high in the country that it costs 20 percent more in India, compared to international prices. […]

What are Monthly Income Plans?

      Monthly income plans (MIPs) are investment plans which combine debt and equity. These plans are also known as debt oriented hybrid funds. The debt component accounts for around 75-95% of the portfolio while the equity component is between 5-25%. Clearly, the debt component holds a predominant position. This is why these funds […]

How to save money without giving up shopping

  For most of us, the thought of saving money means having to give up things that we derive pleasure from. And chief amongst this is shopping. We all like to buy things for ourselves and other people. But since it is not a necessity, we view it as an expense that is not required. […]

What should Retail Investors do during a Buyback?

A stock buyback refers to a situation when a company repurchases a part of the shares issued by them. It pays shareholders the market value of that stock, thus re-absorbing a portion of its ownership. At first, it seems counter-intuitive to buy back shares that it issued to raise capital. However, there are quite a […]

GST Council announces relief for SMEs

  On the 14th of October, The Prime Minister held a public meeting in Dwarka (in Gujarat) to announce some changes made by the GST council. In their 22nd meeting, which was chaired by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, the council took the decision to reduce the rates for certain goods. The rate of tax […]