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Tipstop App Launched. Now Available For Download

  TipStop yesterday announced the launch of its mobile app, a first-of-its-kind marketplace for capital markets research. The app aims to connect retail investors with SEBI-registered brokers, analysts and investment advisors who publish research for the equity, commodity and currency markets.   Analysts list their various research products in the form of notifications that investors […]

Gear Up For the TipStop App Launch

Howdy everyone! The day you have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Tipstop, your one-stop destination for stock broking research is all set to launch on Friday, May 6th, 2016. The beta version of the app will shortly be available for download on all android devices. The app has been built with a user-friendly […]

Making Life Easier For Brokers

  Apart from executing trades on clients’ behalf, brokers offer a lot of other value-added services like providing market information, research calls, financial planning advice and powerful trading terminals to their clients. Due to the volatility of the stock market and the competitive nature of the industry, there are some challenges that brokers face regularly. […]

Understanding One’s Risk Appetite While Investing

In the dynamic and volatile world of trading, there is no such thing as a “free lunch”. Everything comes for a price, especially the return on investments. In order to earn higher returns, a trader has to be able to digest higher risk. Different financial instruments have different risk-reward ratios. For example, a fixed deposit […]

Solving problems for independent analysts

  Trade analysis is not just about investigating and researching on trading segments and giving tips on what stocks to buy; it is also about reaching out to prospective investors and creating a strong customer base, boosting business in the long run. But trade analysis is a highly competitive field and analysts often face multiple […]