Solving problems for independent analysts



Trade analysis is not just about investigating and researching on trading segments and giving tips on what stocks to buy; it is also about reaching out to prospective investors and creating a strong customer base, boosting business in the long run. But trade analysis is a highly competitive field and analysts often face multiple problems in the process of conducting the research and delivering it seamlessly to the clients. Some of those problems include:


Reaching out to customers

Creating a strong portfolio is a must for every analyst, as it determines his future client base and success in the field. But more often than not, analysts have a hard time reaching out to potential clients and need to resort to marketing efforts in order to get noticed. A lot of time, energy and even money get wasted on creating and establishing a customer base by building a website, putting up advertisements or initiating word of mouth. This creates a lot of hassle for the analyst and deters him from concentrating on his research.


Delivering the research

After painstakingly working on the research in order to provide credible advice to investors, the analyst often faces a problem delivering the said research to clients. Be it problems with privacy or limitations to the number of people that can be added on Whatsapp groups, the difficulties are endless. While sending investment advice to clients, the analyst not only has to spend money on sms integration but also has to keep populating the list on a regular basis, losing out on valuable time.


Keeping track of subscribers

As the subscriber base increases, so do the complications that arise from it. It becomes increasingly hard to keep track of the number of subscribers, let alone the revenue collected from them. It also becomes a constant struggle to maintain a proper system that determines the analyst’s success ratio while keeping the clients engaged in the process. It is important for the analyst to keep himself updated with the client’s needs and demands and also to see how he is faring with the clients. If he fails to keep himself up-to-date, the analyst stands a chance of losing out on customers.


With Tipstop, we aim to eradicate these hassles once and for all by bringing all analysts a one-stop app that spreads the word about his research, attracting new customers and building a strong subscriber base on his behalf. We act as an intermediary, connecting analysts to their potential clients and generating revenue in the process. Our real time notifications enable analysts to deliver research calls instantly, as well as track open calls. We also analyze the success ratio of analysts and keep them informed of their revenues earned in real time.

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