Leave it to the experts



Mr. Patel is a doctor. He is an ophthalmologist, which means that he specialises in treating the eyes. From time to time, he gets patients who have other problems, related to other parts of their bodies.


Does Mr. Patel try to treat them himself? I doubt it. He refers them to someone who is an expert in the relevant field, and can cure the specific problem of the client.


Mr. Patel spends time following the equity markets. Recently, he got bitten by the technical analysis bug. He downloaded some charting software and started reading up on all the different types of patterns. He started making predictions and got his first few calls right. Getting more confident by the day, he moved from paper trading to taking actual positions in the markets.


In his first month, he lost a big chunk of his capital. What went wrong? Mr. Patel mistook beginner’s luck for actual competency. If he had treated technical analysts as a specialisation that he isn’t familiar with, like he does for his patients, he would probably have avoided losing so much money.


It’s a simple concept. Focus on what you are best at, and leave the rest to the experts. If Mr. Patel is a good doctor, he will do best by focusing on his practice and leaving technical analysis to professional analysts.


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